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On September 19, President Rick Esenberg authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the John Doe investigations, titled "How Wisconsin Prosecutors Became Campaign Partisans."

On August 21, President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg appeared on Charlie Sykes' Week In Review show to discuss the week's legal and political develpments.

In August 15th's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WILL Education Policy Director CJ Szafir wrote an op-ed calling out Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for choosing to keep school buildings empty instead of selling them to high-performing private schools in the choice program.

On July 31, Right Wisconsin ran a piece from President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg evaluating the Wisconsin Supreme Court's voter ID rulings in terms of how they might affect the pending federal litigation.

On June 29, President and General Counsel Rick Esenberg appeared on UpFront with Mike Gousha to discuss WILL's recent campaign finance lawsuit and campaign finance reform in general.

Legal News & Case Updates

How to Fix Wisconsin’s Broken Open Enrollment Program0

Written by CJ Szafir - December 10, 2014

A WILL policy brief examines the flaws in Wisconsin's open enrollment laws and recommends solutions

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"Let's Begin By Understanding Where We Are"0

Written by CJ Szafir - December 01, 2014

New WILL report analyzes academic accountability for schools in the choice programs and public schools

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Judge Denies MATC and Union Motion to Dismiss Act 10 Case0

Written by Tom Kamenick - November 21, 2014

Challenge to contract negotiated after Act 10 may proceed

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WILL Sues to End Discrimination by Public Schools Against Children with Disabilities0

Written by Tom Kamenick - November 19, 2014

Wisconsin’s open enrollment program permits school districts to violate federal disability law

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Written by CJ Szafir - October 22, 2014

Asks court to grant injunction preventing prosecution of 501(c)(4) groups that “coordinate” with candidates

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