Act 10

Act 10 Litigation

WILL has partnered with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation to represent government employees who object to union representation, helping to defend Act 10.

Marone v. MATC

2011 Wisconsin Act 10 drastically changed collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin.

Open Government

Krueger v. Appleton S.D.

On behalf of John Krueger, an Appleton Area School District taxpayer and parent, WILL filed a verified complaint with the Outagamie County District Attorney and the Wisconsin Attorney General.

Coyne v. Walker

2011 Wisconsin Act 21 changed the law relating to state agency rulemaking in various ways that limit the power of state agencies to regulate Wisconsin citizens.

Rice v. Milw. County Board

This proposed plan reduced the number of supervisors by one, eliminating the seat held by Joseph Rice, one of the Board’s few conservative members.

Rice v. Milw. Co. Bd. 2013

On behalf of former county supervisor Joseph Rice, WILL filed a verified complaint with the Milwaukee County Corporation Counsel, the Milwaukee County District Attorney, and the Wisconsin Attorney General.

NCTQ v. UW Bd. of Regents

NCTQ is a non-profit organization engaged in research regarding teacher quality and reform of the teaching profession, including education and evaluation of the performance of the nation’s schools of education.

MacIver v. Erpenbach

The Maclver Institute sent an open record request in 2011 to State Senator Jon Erpenbach requesting all correspondence sent or received regarding “the subject of changes to Wisconsin’s collective bargaining law for public employees.”

Baldwin-Woodville Sch. Dist.

On behalf of a local concerned citizen, WILL filed a complaint with the St. Croix County District Attorney and the Wisconsin Attorney General.

Free Speech

CRG Network v. GAB

Wisconsin law imposes a hard limit on the total dollar amount a candidate for state office may accept in donations from political committees.

Milewski v. Town of Dover

Government officials are prohibited from entering your home and searching it without your permission – that’s a bedrock principle of the Fourth Amendment.

Young v. GAB

Young v. GAB is a federal case challenging Wisconsin’s aggregate campaign contribution limits, which are even lower than the federal limits.

WPN v. Myse

In 2010, the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision struck down federal prohibitions on “issue advocacy” political expression by corporate entities.

Vanden Boogart v. Christensen

The federal lawsuit alleges that the ordinance is unconstitutional because it violates free speech.

Other Individual Rights

Hoekstra v. City of Bayfield

WILL challenged this ordinance on behalf of two couples who each own a bed and breakfast in Bayfield.

Highland Memorial v. Wisconsin

Wisconsin prohibits owners of cemeteries from owning and operating a funeral home.

Ibrahim v. Milwaukee

Since the 1970s, Milwaukee has had an arbitrary limit on the number of taxi cab licenses issued by the city.

Good Government

Johnson v. OPM

Ordinary citizens cannot receive tax-free subsidies from their employers to purchase insurance on exchanges.

Streetcar Challenge

The City intends to make the utilities and their customers pay those utility relocation costs instead of raising the money from its own taxpayers.

Voter ID Litigation

The other judge (in NAACP) found that the burden placed on a few people who had a difficult time getting photo identification made the whole law unconstitutional.

McCutcheon v. FEC

WILL filed an amicus brief on its own behalf with the Supreme Court, arguing that the court should stop giving more deference to contribution limits than to independent expenditure limits.

JEAMEC v. Milwaukee

Jerusalem Empowered African Methodist Episcopal Church (“JEAMEC”) is a small, relatively new church on Milwaukee’s northwest side with a predominantly African-American congregation.

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