Dane County Drops Most Fines Against Dance Studio

Dane County significantly reduced fines they are seeking from A Leap Above dance studio.

Wisconsin Supreme Court to Hear WILL Religious Liberty Lawsuit

Court will determine whether DPI can determine the availability of a government benefit based on the state agency’s definition of “Catholic.”

Madison Teachers Warned Against Illegal Strike

WILL and Liberty Justice Center issue demand letter to Madison Teachers Inc.


An in-depth examination of the state of Wisconsin’s emergency powers laws.

3 Attacks on School Choice in Governor Evers' Budget Proposal

State budget proposal tries to cap enrollment in choice schools.

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Dane County Drops Most Fines Against Dance Studio

Health department enlisted the wrong attorneys and filed far too many counts The News: Dane County attorneys, on behalf of Public Health Madison and Dane County, have significantly reduced the fines they are seeking from A Leap Above dance studio in Oregon,...

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Wisconsin’s Emergency Powers Laws in Urgent Need of Reform

New study examines Wisconsin’s emergency powers laws, provides recommendations for reform The News: A new study from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) makes the case that Wisconsin’s antiquated emergency powers statutes are in urgent need of reform....

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