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Wisconsin Watchdog | Former Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson ends her legal temper tantrum

M.D. Kittle gets WILL's Rick Esenberg's take on her lawsuit: Constitutional law expert Rick Esenberg noted Abrahamson is six years into her latest 10-year

Racine Journal Times | Racine Unified agrees to stop bus fee for late-enrolling private schoolers

From the Racine Journal-Times: RACINE — Threatened with a lawsuit, the Racine Unified School District has agreed to stop charging a $300 fee to bus ...

Wisconsin Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case Involving Municipal Residency Requirements

Appeals Court misinterpreted Constitution's uniformity clause, precedent November 9, 2015 – Milwaukee, WI – The Wisconsin Supreme Court has decided to hear

Racine Unified School District, Families Agree on Solution to Busing Impasse

Agreement ensures equal treatment of children in choice program November 9, 2015 - Milwaukee, WI – The Racine Unified School District has agreed to resolve

Racine Journal Times | Group threatens to sue Unified over busing issues

From the Racine Journal-Times: RACINE COUNTY — A conservative legal group is again threatening to sue the Racine Unified School District over busing ...

RightWisconsin | The GAB Is No Perfect Model

Rick Esenberg writing at "These problems may have warranted caution, but it got worse. The GAB and prosecutors tried to do something ...

WUWM | While Wisconsin Campaign Finance Legislation Stalls, Activists Hope Voters Pay Attention

Rick Esenberg talked with WUWM radio in Milwaukee. Rick Esenberg is president of Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty, a conservative public interest ...

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel | Bill puts veil over campaign funding in Wisconsin

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Rick Esenberg, president of the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, said the state Supreme Court ...