Board of Directors


We are grateful for our Board of Directors and the time and attention they provide to the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty. They provide counsel, guidance, and oversight to ensure that the organization remains Wisconsin’s premier policy and legal center.


James T. Barry III

Chairman of the WILL Board,

President and CEO, The Barry Company


Michael H. White

Chairman of Rite-Hite Holding Corporation


Michael Grebe

Former President and CEO, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation


Christopher Wolfe

Professor of Politics, University of Dallas

  • Ingenuity and skill were executed by Attorney Michael Fischer, and Attorney Thomas C. Kamenick championed the cause to VICTORY

    Jerusalem Empowered African Methodist Episcopal Church
    Jerusalem Empowered African Methodist Episcopal Church WILL Client
  • WILL is at the forefront of the effort to expand parental choice in education. Whether publishing reports on how to craft high-quality choice policies or rigorous fiscal analyses that influence the debates in Madison, or even suing the state education bureaucracy for its failure to follow the law, WILL can be counted upon to fight for Wisconsin families.

    Jason Bedrick
    Jason Bedrick Director of Policy at EdChoice
  • WILL provides the deep dive into the details that allows me to better deliver our conservative priorities and execute conservative solutions on behalf of our great community.

    Dale Kooyenga
    Dale Kooyenga State Representative, Member of Joint Committee on Finance
  • WILL is a reliable source for thoughtful, conservative analysis and serves a key role in Wisconsin’s public policy debates.

    Jim Steineke
    Jim Steineke Wisconsin State Assembly Majority Leader
  • Whether ally or adversary, WILL attorneys are always ethical and insightful and Wisconsin is better for their advocacy.

    Brad Schimel
    Brad Schimel Wisconsin Attorney General
  • After a lifetime of involvement in America’s conservative movement, I am proud to say that WILL is one of the most successful organizations I’ve been a part of and happy to see it grow and impact public policy.

    Mike Grebe
    Mike Grebe Former Chairman, Bradley Foundation
  • WILL defends liberty at every turn, for everyone - even when others stop caring. Wisconsin is better, stronger, and freer for their efforts.

    Vicki McKenna
    Vicki McKenna Talk Radio Host in Madison and Milwaukee
  • The liberty movement has benefitted immensely from state-based litigation centers like WILL. Their lawsuits in defense of economic and personal freedom provide robust models that ought to be followed by organizations in states across the country.

    Christina Sandefur
    Christina Sandefur Executive Vice President at the Goldwater Institute
  • WILL’s legal team was the missing link in education reform in Wisconsin and their research capabilities enhance our ability to develop effective policy.

    Jim Bender
    Jim Bender President, School Choice Wisconsin
  • WILL has provided a valuable and necessary service in upholding the public records law in a time when it is under attack in all three branches of government.

    Lakeland Times & Northwoods River News
    Lakeland Times & Northwoods River News Sunshine Week 2018: Open Records Grades
  • I never said you wouldn’t get a helluva lawyer if you use the Bradley Foundation’s marquee organization

    Scott Ross
    Scott Ross One Wisconsin Now

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