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Seven reforms to lower costs and increase access to care

To date, policy debates over healthcare reform have been almost entirely focused on increasing insurance coverage. This was the mission of the Affordable Care Act and the state-level debates about Medicaid expansion. But expanding insurance coverage alone hasn’t solved the concerns about increasing costs and the ability to access care. Wisconsin’s uninsured rate is one of the lowest in the country — 5.8% without expanding Medicaid — and the state is one of just a handful with no coverage gap. Yet, Wisconsin voters in 2018 ranked healthcare as their top issue.

Policymakers need to earnestly search for ways to lower healthcare costs and increase access to care. Focusing on expanding insurance coverage, alone, isn’t enough. Though the Affordable Care Act severely limits the ability of states to innovate and experiment, state lawmakers cannot give up and wait for the federal government to find agreement. In this brief, WILL is proposing healthcare solutions, many with bipartisan support, that aim to lower the cost of healthcare and increase access.

  1. Increase Access to Direct Primary Care
  2. Reform Retroactive Eligibility for Medicaid
  3. Create a Dental Therapy License
  4. Take Full Advantage of Short-Term Limited Duration Healthcare Plans
  5. Take Full Advantage of ACA Freedom in U.S. Territories
  6. Free Speech in Medicine
  7. Repeal Minimum Markup for Prescription Drugs

Read WILL’s Healthcare Solutions policy brief HERE.


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