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WILL Press Release | Wisconsin Supreme Court Takes Two WILL Cases: open meetings and 4th Amendment questions

Court will hear open meetings and 4th Amendment cases next year October 11, 2016 – Milwaukee, WI – The Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed to hear two of the ...

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel | Military-style voucher school denied vacant building

The City of Milwaukee's Board of Zoning Appeals has denied a permit for Right Step to purchase a vacant MPS school. Right Step is a military style program ...

WILL Press Release | City of Green Bay Agrees to Settle Garden Lawsuit

Pays homeowners for destroyed garden and attorneys fees October 4, 2016 – Milwaukee, WI – The City of Green Bay has agreed to settle a federal civil rights

WILL Video | Three Lakes and STEM Education

WILL Press Release | Getting Beyond the Buzzword: WILL Report on STEM Education in Wisconsin

September 29, 2016 – Milwaukee, WI – A new Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty report, authored by WILL Research Fellow Collin Roth, explores the ...

WILL Blog | Kamenick: Business embraces Pokemon. Government wants to regulate it. Because.

Pokémon Go – love it or hate it, the mobile game has been a smash hit since its launch two months ago.  And unlike nearly all other video games, its ...

Fox6 Milwaukee | Rick Esenberg on Judge Randa’s passing

WILL Blog | On Sales Tax Holidays in Wisconsin: Give consumers real relief and repeal the Minimum Markup Law

Gov. Scott Walker has announced that he will include a sales tax holiday for 2017 in his state budget proposal to be unveiled early next year. More details